Do You Believe?

Do You Believe? blondinOr are you committed?

I like the story of Charles Blondin who in the late 1800’s strung a tight rope across Niagara Falls and then before ten thousand screaming people he inched his way across from the Canadian side to the US side.  

When he got across they began to shout his name, Blondin, Blondin, Blondin!  Now that must be neat to have ten thousand people chanting your name.  Blondin quiets the crowd and says, “I am Blondin, do you believe in me?”  And the crowd chants back, “We believe, we believe, we believe!” He quiets the crowds again and says, “I’m going back across the tight rope, but this time I’m taking someone with me on my shoulders.  Do you believe I can do that?” and the crowd chants, “We believe, we believe, we believe.” He quiets the crowd again and asks, “Which of you will be that human being?”  The crowd went dead.  Suddenly out of the crowd came one guy.  It turned out to be his manager.  He saw a good thing going bad here and figured he needed to step up.  So he climbed on Blondin’s shoulders and for the next 3 ½ hours Blondin inched his way back to the Canadian side of the falls.
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Shake It Up!

dull2We wake up the same time each day, probably pray the same time each day and we go about our routines throughout the weeks.  But our Christian life can become dull, boring and eventually to routine to mean much.  I think we need to make an effort to keep it fresh, different and exciting.  Here are some ideas to avoid the ruts and shake up our daily faith patterns.

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