remember2Just how good is your memory?  What types of things do you forget?  Well there are many ways to help you remember.  How about a string on your finger to remember that important task, or a post it note for a birthday, a calendar for that dr. appointment, or a cell phone alarm for that call you must make.

Forgetfulness isn’t anything new, it’s been around forever.  The night that Jesus was betrayed He was eating with His disciples.  He knew that He would soon be returning to His Father in Heaven.  However He wanted to be sure that His disciples and us would remember Him after He was gone.  Continue reading Remember

To God Be The Glory

gloryFaith based music has always been an important part of my worship to God from my earliest years as a Christian when I was a teenager.  Of course I enjoy it at church but also when I’m driving, just around the house and before my prayer time.  I often enjoy reading through a hymn before I pray because it helps me focus on God and set aside everything else around me. So recently I was reading some of my favorites.  “To God Be The Glory”, a great hymn of praise, “All The Way My Savior Leads Me” which tells about how Jesus can lead us through some of the most difficult times in our lives and “Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine”. Continue reading To God Be The Glory

Never Give Up

nguIn Luke 18:1-8 we read of Jesus sharing a parable with us about a woman who sought justice from a bad judge.  The judge didn’t help her at all.  But she returned again and again pleading this judge for justice.  She drove the judge to the point where he could no longer ignore her and gave her the justice she was after.

When Jesus completed this parable He explained that there were lessons for us to learn from this story about God the Father.  He tells us that if a bad judge such as this one would help the persistence request then How much more will God meet the needs of those that love Him.  We need to realize that God will hear and he will answer us when we are persistent in crying out to Him. Continue reading Never Give Up

Coming Soon

popcornPopcorn and the movies go together like peanut butter and jelly.  You get the movie theater bucket of warm buttered popcorn and a cold drink in your hands and your ready to sick back and enjoy the movie.  But then you have to sit through endless “Coming Attractions”.  At this time of year, only four weeks before Christmas, all the holiday season movie previews are out and you will have to sit through them to see your movie.

This is the season of coming attractions, the Advent Season.  We look forward to all the Christmas music, the bright decorations, party after party, family get togethers and of course, the celebration of Jesus’ birthday.  Continue reading Coming Soon

Who Was That Man

As a young boy I remember how excited I would become as the opening theme song for the Lone Ranger would begin on television.  The Lone Ranger wore a mask and traveled the early west, along with his faithful side kick Tonto, helping people and rescuing them from evil and injustice.  Each episode after The Lone Ranger saved someone from the bad guys, as he rode off into the sunset, someone would ask “Who was that masked man”?

When Jesus was on Earth, we can see starting in Matthew 16:13, that he also helped a lot of people and very often people were asking the same question, who was that man.  Some people at the time thought that he was John the Baptist, maybe the prophet Elijah, Jeremiah, or some other past Prophet that had come back to life. Continue reading Who Was That Man

Is Red The Best?

m&mSo I’ve been told that some people claim that they can taste a difference in the color of M&Ms.  So I went to church and set up a blind taste test.  Four individuals tasted a total of eight different M&Ms without knowing what color they were and not once did they even guess what color M&M they had just eaten.  Therefore, In my mind I proved that all M&Ms taste the same.  They may be different on the outside but they are all chocolate on the inside.  I will admit that the colors somehow, make them more fun to eat. Continue reading Is Red The Best?


focusI recently enjoyed a little vacation filled with little day trips to a few museums and like any vacation I took a few pictures.  Well as you can see in this pic, I’m not the greatest photographer.  In this pic from the Mack Museum in Allentown Pa., I not only got my finger in the way but the bulldog hood ornament isn’t in focus either.  As my vacation pics remind me, it’s very important to make sure that you are well focused on the right thing before you click the photo.

Well I was thinking about how true that is in our regular every day life as well.  It’s important that we focus on the right things.  Sometimes, we forget what is important and we focus on all the wrong things.

One day Jesus went to visit the home of two sisters, Martha and Mary.  The sisters welcomed Jesus and right away Martha turned it into high gear and began to work hard at preparing a dinner for everyone.  However, Mary decided to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen, to catch every word, of His teachings.  So while Martha worked hard in the kitchen, Mary sat and listened. Continue reading Focus