My Good Name


My Good Name “Herod the Great”
Based on Matthew 2:1-18

(Presented from the perspective of Herod)

I am here this morning for one reason and one reason only and that’s to clear my good name.  Actually, it was a great name.  In my day they called me Herod the Great, King of the Jews.

It was a title well deserved I assure you. My building projects put Jerusalem on the map. Visitors from all over marveled at the Temple I built which sat gloriously upon Mt. Zion.

Its outer walls were covered with pure gold. During the day the sun reflecting on its surface was so bright one could barely look at it with the naked eye.  Now I’ve seen your structures today, none could compare.  Put pure gold on your buildings today and it would be stolen the first night if it lasted that long. Continue reading My Good Name

95 Year Old Advice

95 I like surveys.  I like them because they can revel so much about us as a people.  It’s important for me when I find an interesting survey to understand who was behind it and who was asked the questions.  That’s the only way you really can tell what the survey results teach us. For instance, if you ask a group of teenagers what it’s like to be 65 years old you will get significantly different answers than if you ask actual 65 year olds.

So I found an interesting survey that I’d like to share with you.  I found it to be very significant to our Christian life.  It was conducted many years ago by a Midwestern university statistics class and asked just one simple question.  But it’s who they asked that made it worthwhile.  They gathered 113 people at or over the age of 95 to ask this question.  My first thought was why 113 and not 115 or just 100?  Why the odd number?  Then I thought well they probably couldn’t find more than 113 that old to conduct the survey. Continue reading 95 Year Old Advice

The Lessons Of A Thief

classThe Lessons Of A Thief  (Luke 23: 33-42)

We can sit in front of some of the greatest teachers and thinkers of or time, we can read the works of our greatest authors and still miss some of the most important lessons in life.  Often they come from the humble, the quiet, the less learned among us.  I put before you one of those individuals and the important life saving lessons to be learned from him. Continue reading The Lessons Of A Thief