About the Rear Pew

ABOUT the Rear Pew:

The Rear Pew Blog was born out of the desire, from the Christian perspective, to inspire, encourage, educate, create discussion and even to leave others with a smile from time-to-time.

ABOUT the Administrator:

I Brian, have had a relationship with our Lord and Savior for more than 39 years, starting when I was about 16 years old.  I have attended the Valley Forge Christian College and Eastern Nazarene College for Biblical and Theological Studies.  As an active participant in my local congregation I have had the honor and opportunity to serve in many leadership roles over the years but particularly enjoyed my role as Sunday School teacher and occasional preaching.

Through my life there was,  unfortunately, a period of time that I fell away from my relationship with Christ and took myself down a path of sin.  My sins disappointed and hurt many around my life and brought me many consequences.  It has been a difficult road back, but Christ has extended His grace to me once again as I fell before Him and pleaded for His forgiveness.  Today I enjoy a renewed and thriving relationship with my one and only, true savoir, Jesus Christ.

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