Up, Up and Away

baloonsBalloons are probably something that each and every one of us enjoys as they come in every shape, color and size for every occasion.  I recall from an early age enjoying watching the large hot air balloons moving with such ease through the sky overhead. Your everyday balloon has so many uses from making balloon animals to plenty of games.  I remember getting a few kids together, tying a balloon to your ankle and trying to pop each others balloons and amazingly no one was ever hurt.  In college I found the water balloon to be of great use.  I once filled a few and stuffed them in a friends pillow case so when he came home he laid down and pop, he and his pillow was soaked.

For me however I think I find the most joy from a helium filled balloon.  Of course you have to hold on to them but once I would let it go I would watch it float gracefully, up, up and away getting lost behind the clouds on it’s way into the heavens.

This got me thinking about when Jesus was returning to heaven.  He gathered his disciples together to be sure that they understand everything that had happened to him.  He explained why it was important for him to be crucified, to be raised from the dead to fulfill the scriptures.  He told his disciples that he was going to return to his father and that he would send the Holy Spirit.

But at first the disciples were very saddened and a little confused about Jesus leaving them, they just couldn’t wrap their minds around what they were being told, they just couldn’t understand.  The Bible tells us that Jesus opened their minds so that they could understand.  Then the really amazing happened, Jesus lifted his hands and blessed the disciples and while blessing them, he left them.  He was taken up, up and away into heaven.

Now I don’t know how that looked, but I imagine the disciples standing there and watching as Jesus ascended higher and higher until he disappeared from view.  Were the disciples still sad?  Certainly not.  The Bible tells us that as Jesus ascended into heaven, the disciples worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great Joy.  They stayed in the temple, praising God.

We should each be coming together every Sunday for the same reason.  To praise him and return to our homes, schools and work places with great joy!

Published by

Brian Rowland (Admin.)

Excepted the Christ as my savior at the age of 16 and grew in faith for many years. In my thirties fell away from God, made bad choices with life long consequences but returned to the Lord, renewed my faith and living a thriving Christian life to this day. Active member of The Church of the Nazarene (35+ yrs.), Studied at Valley Forge Christian College and Eastern Nazarene College. Blessed to teach Sunday School for many, many years and even preach on occasion.

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