remember2Just how good is your memory?  What types of things do you forget?  Well there are many ways to help you remember.  How about a string on your finger to remember that important task, or a post it note for a birthday, a calendar for that dr. appointment, or a cell phone alarm for that call you must make.

Forgetfulness isn’t anything new, it’s been around forever.  The night that Jesus was betrayed He was eating with His disciples.  He knew that He would soon be returning to His Father in Heaven.  However He wanted to be sure that His disciples and us would remember Him after He was gone. 

So He did something that would help them to remember.  He took a piece of bread and broke it and said, “This is my body which is broken for you.  When you eat the bread, remember me.”  Then He took a glass of wine, held it up, and said, “This is my blood which is shed for you.  When you drink it, remember me.”

It has been more than 2000 years since that night and we still use the same way to remember Jesus and what He’s done for us.

The next time you take communion, eat and drink to remember that Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that you might have life.  ETERNAL LIFE!  As you eat the bread and drink from the cup, remember Him. AMEN!

Published by

Brian Rowland (Admin.)

Excepted the Christ as my savior at the age of 16 and grew in faith for many years. In my thirties fell away from God, made bad choices with life long consequences but returned to the Lord, renewed my faith and living a thriving Christian life to this day. Active member of The Church of the Nazarene (35+ yrs.), Studied at Valley Forge Christian College and Eastern Nazarene College. Blessed to teach Sunday School for many, many years and even preach on occasion.

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