Shake It Up!

dull2We wake up the same time each day, probably pray the same time each day and we go about our routines throughout the weeks.  But our Christian life can become dull, boring and eventually to routine to mean much.  I think we need to make an effort to keep it fresh, different and exciting.  Here are some ideas to avoid the ruts and shake up our daily faith patterns.

What about our time in God’s Word.  How about trying a new translation.  That can really give you a new perspective on the writings.  Maybe a chronological Bible, where the events of the Bible are placed in date order.  You will read them in the order they occurred. You can always start or join a reading group that follows a yearly reading plan and meets regularly to talk about their readings.  That’s a great idea to increase knowledge, share views and just fellowship with other believers.

One thing we tend not to do enough of is reflect.  Reflect on what God is, what He’s done and how He’s active in the world and your life.  I enjoy the night sky with all it’s twinkling light.  I cannot help but to recall that God has created and even named each one.  I look at the many animals in a zoo and again recall that He has uniquely created each one for a specific purpose. I think back and can see how active God’s hand has been in my life, even when I wasn’t even paying attention. I think of how He’s with me today and just worship Him for who He is.

I like to keep my prayer life from becoming dull too so I’m sure to include praise in my prayers.  I will listen and sing along with a worship cd before I pray or read through a hymn.  It helps me focus completely on Him and praise Him.  As far as prayer itself you can join with a friend or family member that’s not local through the internet or go old school through the phone and share your requests and pray together once in a while.

In our corporate time together at church we should consider ways of keeping that fresh too.  How about changing our order of service.  Who says worship has to be first or the sermon last.  Sometimes, to be honest I feel more like worshiping after hearing God’s message than I did before.  How about changing where we meet.  Outside, local park, senior complex, shelter, and bank parking lots are all great possibilities to not just worship but to meet new people and share God’s love.  We can also enjoy time together perhaps in a Christian book club or regular service days to others.

There are many, there are endless ways we can shake up our routine, keeping things fresh and exciting in our relationship with Christ and at the same time we will grow, stretch our faith, reach out and explore all that God has for us as an individual and church.

Sharing His Spirit! tRP

Published by

Brian Rowland (Admin.)

Excepted the Christ as my savior at the age of 16 and grew in faith for many years. In my thirties fell away from God, made bad choices with life long consequences but returned to the Lord, renewed my faith and living a thriving Christian life to this day. Active member of The Church of the Nazarene (35+ yrs.), Studied at Valley Forge Christian College and Eastern Nazarene College. Blessed to teach Sunday School for many, many years and even preach on occasion.

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